What do you do after you volunteer abroad?

Engage locally!

Since the beginning, Unearth the World has been focused on bettering the volunteer abroad industry through various ways like increasing financial transparency and putting our community partners first. And, our best-in-class pre and post-trip global training program is meant to not only prepare our travelers for their experience abroad but also help participants stay involved in their own communities upon their return. We believe that even though many volunteer abroad experiences are short-term, the results and impact should be lasting. Unearth the World volunteers return home inspired to continue giving back and we do whatever we can to help them bridge their international experience into their daily lives.

As many of you know, Unearth the World’s post-trip support truly sets us apart. After our volunteers return home, Unearth The World works with them to continue to reflect on learning. First, our travelers receive a detailed packet of re-entry information. Then, on a post-trip call, we guide them through reflection and coach them on how-to continue to learn and make their international experience a part of their day-to-day life. We guide our volunteers to write their own “service plan” where travelers physically write down their plans for incorporating their global service experience into their lives. We have even begun to pair volunteers with nonprofits in their own communities so they can continue to give back at home! Unearth the World alums have truly embraced this post-trip support. Many become more engaged in their own communities or stay involved with our international partners. Some have started their own nonprofits or changed their careers to focus more on social good.

We like to say that Unearth the World travelers MULITIPLY their impact by continuing to engage long after their trip is over.  Today, we are incredibly proud to announce a big step in continuing to promote global change makers. Unearth the World has organized our first group of alums to volunteer together in Chicago (where Unearth the World is based) to build upon the international service they have already completed. This is the next step towards ensuring that Unearth the World alums continue to lead, serve and engage in their own communities.

after volunteer abroadIf you will be in the Chicago area on July 22, please join us! Send an email to kathryn@unearththeworld.com to secure your spot! This will be a great way to engage with the Chicago community and make friends with other world travelers!

More details below:

Who: Unearth the World volunteers

What:  A group of former Unearth the World travelers will volunteer for a Chicago nonprofit community garden called OTIS Fresh Farm. OTIS Fresh Farm is focused on providing affordable access to healthy food to underserved communities under a variety of efforts: health education, food growth, community buildings, and economic development. Details about the day of service can be found on the Eventbrite page HERE. 

When: Saturday, July 22 from 11 am – 3 pm

Where: OTIS Fresh Farm – 2616 S Calumet Ave, Chicago

Why: This is a unique chance to volunteer in your own community, connect with like-minded travelers, learn about a growing nonprofit, and have fun!

*Bonus Traveler’s Tip* Have you recently returned from volunteering (or studying or traveling) abroad and are looking for some help you figure out next steps but cannot join us in Chicago this July? If so, check out one of our favorite nonprofits – Lessons from Abroad.  This organization holds yearly conferences across the country to help travelers “successfully integrate their international experience in all facets of their academic, personal, and professional lives.” And, they have a great list of resources to get you started!