Improving Education for Children & Women in Peru

At Unearth the World (UTW) we specialize in pairing volunteers with grassroots organizations creating real change in their communities around the world. We are thorough in our research to select partner organizations that are reputable, ethical, and able to provide both volunteers and beneficiaries of the services with a meaningful experience that breaks down cultural barriers and makes impact.

We are thrilled to work with such amazing partners and to be able to support them in whatever capacity they need. This blog post is the first in a series of articles that will highlight our international partner organizations in order to give aspiring volunteers and other UTW supporters a glimpse into their work! We are fortunate to witness the important work and tangible results that our partners make every day and are so excited to share their mission and impact with you.

We would like to start with Unearth the World’s partner organization located outside Lima, Peru that is working to improve the accessibility and quality of education for women and children. Peru has one of the worst ranked educational systems in the world in terms of quality and our partner seeks to change this by providing free classes and workshops to the women and children who live in the underserved community of Huaycán. Their focus is on providing the tools and experiences that women and children need to become “positive leaders for change through love, support, and education” (Annual Report).

The workshops and classes offered to women focus on skills development and taking care of one’s physical and emotional health to improve the lives of themselves and their families. These classes impact over 100 women per year. Examples include computer training and seminars on violence against women. And, the nonprofit has recently launched a fair trade artisan project called Huaywasi with the goal of provide fair wages for high quality, handmade products, while providing free education to woman in Huaycán. Read more about Huaywasi (or, better yet, shop!).

Classes and activities for the children center around community engagement and the importance of education. Lessons in English, guitar, chess, art, and physical education are available. And, this organization has also launched a teen leadership program that offer science and technology courses (including coding!). The afterschool programs also focus on reading and general homework help to enable students to succeed in school and gain confidence from a young age.

Unearth the World volunteers that travel to Peru are able to give of their time in a meaningful way by co-teaching various lessons as this organization greatly relies on volunteer assistance. In fact, learning English is one way that people in the area can secure better jobs and advance their careers; Practicing English with native speakers like UTW volunteers is invaluable. Local parents continuously report that attending these free classes has helped their children improve in various subjects in school, including English.

Volunteers are also able to help with art, science, technology, and math lessons, in addition to simply reading and playing games and sports with the students. The time that volunteers spend with the children is of great value to the children as they are learning and growing. Volunteers can also get involved doing fashion design and/or business development with the artisan project. And, time after time, we see that Unearth the World volunteers are equally impacted by the experience, and return home with a renewed outlook on life. Stephanie, a former volunteer, has even joined the board at after spending a week volunteering in Peru in 2015.

Stephanie recently told us: “I’m so happy that I met Kathryn [Unearth the World’s founder] at a conference and was exposed to the amazing work that Unearth the World is doing globally. Because of the opportunity I found through them to visit Peru, I’ve been able to make new friends from around the world and to be more involved in non-profit work by joining the Peruvian nonprofit’s board. I can’t wait to see how my next Unearth the World experience will impact my life!” 

Unearth The World is thrilled to be partnered with such a powerful force for community good in Peru. Our partner is creating sustainable change and offers opportunities for volunteers to participate in purposeful activities that have real impact on the local community. By giving of their time and talents, volunteers can have a wonderful cultural experience, support this organization’s mission to improve the lives of the local community, and leave with a new perspective that will last a lifetime. Want to learn more? Interested in volunteering in Peru? Have skills related to teaching, Spanish, business development or fashion?

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