Happy International Women’s Day from Unearth the World! We are proud to promote women’s empowerment, education and travel! And, while we celebrate women every day, we especially want to recognize the strong and inspiring women in our lives on this celebratory day.

Thank you to Lara in Peru, Paula in Zambia, Elly in Mexico and Paulette in Nicaragua. These four women have founded—and are currently running—four of Unearth the World’s international partners. They inspire us daily with their passion and leadership in their communities.

We would also like to highlight current projects being run by our nonprofit partners that specifically empower women:

  • The education-focused project in Peru runs several programs focused on empowering women including educational workshops, classes (including Spanish literacy, English and computer skills), and community gardening. Perhaps most impressive is their artisan program and clothing line – Huaywasi – that further develops local women’s handicraft skills while providing a steady source of economic support to their household.
  • In Mexico, our partner Human Connections runs Global Engagement Trips focused on women in enterprise and gender dynamics. These important topics highlight the work that local women are doing, and are an impactful way to educate travelers about challenges women in the community are overcoming.
  • Our newest partner in Guatemala also promotes women. Females make up over 30% of the farmers in their coffee cooperative partnerships. To further illustrate their commitment to women, this partner created a Women’s Fund. Since 2014, they have issued small loans to women so that they can purchase land to grow and sell their own coffee. These investments lead to higher incomes and benefit their families and communities. If you are interested in purchasing coffee made by women, email us.

We at Unearth the World have been so inspired by the women in our lives, that we are even running an all-female trip! We have partnered with Wanderful—an innovative and active online community of independent, adventurous, globally minded women who travel—to plan a life changing trip!! As a way to celebrate women today, please consider joining this 10-day, female-only journey to Zambia that involves hands-on service, an authentic African safari, and the chance to see a natural wonder of the world. Details HERE. And, when you sign up, you will receive a FREE membership to Wanderful ($169 value)!!

However you choose to spend your International Women’s Day today, we encourage you to reach out to at least one woman who inspires you!