We should celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women everyday. But since today is International Women’s Day (IWD), I would like to share why IWD is not only personally important to me but also professionally vital to the work we do at Unearth the World.

    My two year old twins

Celebrating women is important to me because I am the proud mom of twin girls that inspire me daily and teach me about being a strong woman and mother. I have benefitted by being raised by a loving, supportive mom and have learned many lessons from my grandmothers and GREAT grandmother! My entire existence has been made better through the women in my life.

Investing in women is also fundamental to the work being done at Unearth the World. As the female leader of Unearth the World, I have learned that learned how important women are in helping us realize our vision to break down cultural barriers and contribute towards a more equitable and peaceful world. Four of our six nonprofit partners are run by women. And we have seen that communities flourish when women are empowered.

Last year on International Women’s Day, we shared this blog highlighting the powerful and visionary women leaders who have founded and run our international partners. (Check it out for a quick and inspiring read!) This year, we would like to live up to our New Year’s resolution to do a better job of sharing stories from the field. We are excited to highlight two stories related to our international partners in Peru and Guatemala. Both organizations are doing their part to #PressforProgress. Enjoy!


Unearth the World’s Peruvian partner provides education workshops, computer literacy courses and a Fair Trade artisan program for women in their community. In 2017, they began offering certificate courses, led by local experts and professionals in their field, in a variety of subjects including financial education, personal development and more. Click here or above to watch a video about their Women’s Empowerment program that has not only empowered local women, but also built confidence and promoted community for 100% of this program’s participants.

Valeriana – coffee maker from Guatemala

Our Guatemalan partner believes that women everywhere should have access to the resources, markets, and knowledge they need for themselves, their businesses, and families to thrive. In 2014, this nonprofit created a Women’s Loan Fund to allow women in the coffee cooperative to receive small loans to purchase land and to grow and sell their own coffee. These long-term investments lead to higher incomes, benefitting their families and communities. Click here to read the story of Valeriana, a young mother of three daughters, who received a coffee de-husker through the Women’s Loan Fund. According to our Guatemalan partner, Valeriana is living by the very advice that she wishes to share with other women: “Keep pushing forward, it will be hard but you won’t achieve anything if you don’t try.”

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?
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