Volunteering abroad has been shown to produce dozens of benefits including, the ability to develop new skills and language ability, the opportunity to experience the transformative power of service, and the chance to learn about other cultures. With the steady increase in the number of people volunteering internationally, Unearth the World has also seen a growth in the number of families that are seeking immersive and socially responsible travel.

While volunteering abroad is not for every family, it can serve as an amazing opportunity to bring adventure, culture, compassion, teamwork, and global responsibility to your family unit.

This recent article from the Unearth the World blog and this checklist of questions to consider from the Global Citizens Network are great places to start if you are considering taking the leap to volunteer internationally with your family. When asked about her recent Unearth the World volunteering experience – Amy – who recently returned from Nicaragua with her daughters (ages 7 and 9) told us:

While I am unable to capture all of my love for the experience in a few sentences, I can tell you that it forever changed us and bonded us. Helping others together is a powerful family glue. Having an adventure together is something none of us will ever forget. “

So, if you have already done some soul searching and know that your family would enjoy and benefit from serving abroad, why not engage with Unearth the World? We consistently plan personalized family experiences in collaboration with this Nicaraguan partner.

Read on if you are ready to expose your children to the global community and improve your family’s Spanish while having a fun and enriching adventure…

Family volunteer abroad

It is easier than you think to volunteer abroad with your family!


  • Live in an eco-built and environmentally friendly study center
  • Learn about Nicaragua’s rich culture and history in a way that’s fun for children and parents
  • Enjoy fresh and locally prepared meals
  • Engage in daily Spanish lessons
  • Embark on daily and weekend adventures!!

… Think camping with a tropical vibe, plus a Spanish Language and Cultural education that is accessible for children of all ages…

Your adventure will include:

  • Spanish classes (small groups) specially designed for children and built around activities such as making piñatas, learning folklore dances and exploring local nature. More structured grammar and conversation classes for adults.
  • Afternoon activities and trips for the whole family to enjoy together! (Including a nighttime tour to the Masaya Volcano, artisan markets in Masaya, local guided hikes, visits to the local zoo and horse riding.)
  • Friday afternoon family fun day that includes a visit to either the zoo or a water park, followed by “Pizza y Peliculas” in the early evening.
  • Weekends – whole day activities – visiting Pacific beaches, Granada, and Laguna de Apoyo (a gorgeous lake for swimming).
  • ‘Down time activities’ such as team-building games that are specifically aimed at empowering a sense of self-esteem in kids, and giving them space to express themselves.
Rustic but beautiful setting for your family

Rustic but beautiful setting for your family

“From the pre-trip training and in-person meeting to the customized experience for me and my two children, Unearth the World provided a great deal of care and high value impact for our experience.” (Previous Unearth the World volunteer).

Reach out to Kathryn Pisco at Unearth the World for more information or to book your adventure!!!