Ethical Volunteering and Responsible Travel Policy

Unearth the World takes ethical volunteering seriously. Please read our policy below:

Unearth the World (UTW) only works with registered international organizations that have community driven volunteer projects.

UTW rejects child abuse, mistreatment, exploitation, violence, or neglect in any form. We prioritize the safety and protection of all children we encounter when working with our partners.

UTW markets our company and programs in an honest, ethical, and responsible way.

UTW works closely with both volunteers and partner organization to develop personal, trusting, communicative relationships.

UTW screens volunteers to ensure that they are willing, physically able, and legally competent to participate in our partner programs.

ethical volunteering

Ethical volunteering starts with reciprocal partnerships

UTW vets partner organizations by visiting and volunteering with every project prior to sending any volunteers. We commit to making regular visits to volunteer programs to ensure continued legitimacy and success of project.

UTW provides financial transparency and promotes fiscal responsibility in every thing we do. We strive to keep costs reasonable, run a lean organization, and partner with responsible organizations.

UTW provides thorough support to volunteers at all stages of the volunteer project: prior to departure in the form of education and orientation, while volunteering in the form of communication, and upon returning from the trip in the form of collaborating on a volunteer assessment.

UTW sets clear and honest expectations for both volunteers and partner organizations.

UTW is committed to promoting reciprocal service learning in every project.

UTW commits to working with partner organizations to set an “exit plan” in an attempt to promote eventual sustainability.

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