Mission, Vision, and Guiding Principles


To promote cross-cultural learning, foster reciprocal partnerships and elevate social consciousness through meaningful international exchange programs.


To break down cultural barriers and contribute towards a more equitable and peaceful world.

Cross-cultural learning

Cross-cultural learning and exchange is at the heart of Unearth the World


We believe that everyone who is interested in volunteering abroad should be able to have a fulfilling, responsible and exciting experience – no matter how much time or money you might have.  We understand that not everyone can dedicate significant time to travel and service so we have partnered with non-profit organizations seeking volunteers and financial support so that you can give back while engaging in authentic and unique cultural immersion.  We also believe that even though the volunteer experience is short-term, the results and impact are lasting so we work with each volunteer to ensure that your experience does not end when you return home. We believe that volunteer travel is transformative travel.

Guiding Principles:

  • Respect – For our travelers, our community partners, and cultural diversity.
  • Empathy – We consider the needs, feelings, and goals of our volunteers and partners when making every business decision.
  • Transparency and Fiscal Responsibility – We provide affordable and transparent opportunities for volunteering, cross-cultural exchange and immersion.
  • Reciprocity in community driven partnerships – Our partnerships with international nonprofits are formed and cultivated out of mutual need and shared vision. We work alongside our partners and constantly communicate to ensure that Unearth the World, our volunteers and the international community benefit from this collaboration.
  • Responsible, ethical and meaningful service – Unearth the World visits, vets and volunteers with each project before finalizing partnerships. Each of our projects are created by our international nonprofit partner in order to address a true need in the community. To view our Responsible Volunteer Travel Policy, click here.
  • Intentional cross-cultural exchange that promotes shared learning – We prioritize learning and personal growth for both our travelers and our nonprofit partners by building intentional cultural exchange into every project.

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