Bob Adducci


Bob Adducci

Owner of Adducci Partners Ltd. & Founding partner of Social Venture Partners Chicago

Bob is the owner of Adducci Partners Ltd and a founding partner of Social Venture Partners Chicago. Bob’s focus is to foster the development of the leadership capacity, emotional intelligence and strategic thinking ability of young social entrepreneurs. He is passionate about engaging in a coaching/mentoring role with talented, ambitious and positive young leaders with great vision, but typically lacking an abundance of real world business savvy.

Bob’s primary motivation in becoming a commercial real estate entrepreneur was to attain financial independence while having fun and enabling the personal freedom to pursue a multi-faceted personal mission; to make a difference in the community through philanthropy, mentoring and value-added pro bono consulting, and; to lead a meaningful life, travel the world, accept significant personal challenges, and enrich the lives of my family, and; to create value and accumulate wealth through strategic deal-making in commercial real estate.

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