Engage in responsible, ethical and affordable volunteer projects while you travel.

Work with women, children and teens in Peru to offer a wide array of supplemental educational programs

Work alongside local villagers to build safe, durable huts in Zambia

Make an impact on the local youth by teaching valuable skills

Participate in mutually beneficial cultural exchange

Work on a Nicaraguan organic farm to promote food security

Learn Spanish and get involved with community projects in a small town in Nicaragua

Unearth the World is a social enterprise devoted to planning meaningful and transformative volunteer abroad opportunities for students, professionals, groups and families. We prioritize social impact, financial transparency, and volunteer education.

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Not sure where to start? We help make travel easier.  Click here to learn more about our pre-, during- and post-trip support.

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We vet each project by traveling and volunteering there ourselves.  Our goal is to help facilitate responsible volunteer travel projects and unique cultural immersion for our participants.

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How is Unearth the World (UTW) different than other companies?

Training and Support

We provide in-depth pre-trip training and post-trip re-entry support to set you up for success and help set realistic expectations! To read more, click here. We believe that, while the project you engage in might be short-term, the impact, results, and influence of your time spent abroad should be lasting.

Financial Transparency

We believe that everyone should be able to afford volunteer travel and understand where your money goes. We itemize every dollar in the “Fees” section on each project page.

Social Responsibility

We are committed to making positive change by partnering with community driven, international nonprofits that address real social issues. To learn more about our process for partnering with international organizations, click here.

"My overall experience with UTW was nothing short of fantastic! From helping me find the best project for what I was looking for, to organizing the trip, to pre-departure training, and post-trip resources, they were helpful, pleasant, available, invested, and much more. I am so incredibly happy I chose to take my first big trip abroad with them, and hope to take many more with them in the future."

Sierra; University Student (Adelphi University)

Service: Sustainable Tourism in Nicaragua, January 2016

"This experience gave me a better perspective on the issues that face countries like Nicaragua. I thought I was already very "open minded and education, but realized I have a lot more to learn about the world."

Jennifer; Economics Professor
Service: Volunteered with her daughter at the Sustainable Tourism Project in Nicaragua, August 2015

"I'm more aware of the ethics surrounding volunteering both domestically and abroad. It makes me want to volunteer more often, but with more research upfront about the organizations and the population they service."

Erin; Travel blogger
Service: Supplemental Education in Peru, August 2015

"Before Peru, I had never left the USA.  Thanks to Unearth the World, and their step-by-step program, the guidance of their staff, and their vast amount of information regarding travel, I had a dream come true.  Unearth the World was there every step of the way.  Leaving the country for an extended period of time can be daunting for many.  But the process and outline UEW puts forth is not only easy to understand, it's informative. "

Jeremy; University Student (Providence College)

Service: Supplemental Education in Peru, May/June 2015

"I enjoyed the opportunity to experience Nicaragua through Unearth the World. The trip was more than I could have expected in so many ways. It was great to speak with local people and hear about their experiences and view on history and politics. I enjoyed our Spanish classes, service, and outings like visiting the volcano Masaya, the nature reserve, and going to Grenada."

Ayisha; University Student (Cornell University)

Service: Sustainable Tourism in Nicaragua, January 2016

"It’s been close to two months since we’ve returned from Nicaragua, and I’m already eager to start planning for next year’s trip. As a student services practitioner, planning experiential education experiences for students not only excites and inspires me, but most importantly, provides me the opportunity to critically reflect on group dynamics, the role of service-learning abroad, and the importance of coordinating service trips for students."

Stefana: Leader of Cornell Commitment Group Trip

Service: Sustainable Tourism in Nicaragua, January 2016

"My experience was great. Our two-week schedule was quite clear and I never had any questions that went unanswered. The trip itself, although in retrospect too brief, was an amazing experience filled with inspiring people running fantastic initiatives."

Nate; High School Student

Service: Participated in all three Latin America projects with his father and sister: Food Security in Nicaragua, Sustainable Tourism in Nicaragua, and Supplemental Education in Peru, August 2015

"My experience with Unearth the World was rewarding, memorable, gratifying and unique. I love your mission and the way you bring it to life. Keep building. We need you."

Amy:Public Relations Executive

Service: Traveled with two daughters to the Sustainable Tourism Project in Nicaragua, July 2015

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