Unearth the World is a social enterprise that promotes service-learning by pairing volunteers with international non-profits. We prioritize social impact, financial transparency, and volunteer education.

Our Philosophy

Our previous experiences have helped shape our philosophy. We believe that everyone who is interested in volunteering abroad should be able to have a fulfilling and enriching experience but understand that not everyone can dedicate significant time to travel and service.  Our ultimate goal is to help cultivate a world of servant leaders.

In order to accommodate these beliefs, we have partnered with international non-profit organizations that need short-term volunteers and financial support so that you can give back while engaging in authentic and unique cultural immersion.

The result is that even though the volunteer experience is short-term, the results and impact are lasting.  We work closely with each volunteer to ensure they are prepared before they embark and that their experience does not end when they return home.

Our Volunteer Experiences

We vet each volunteer experience by traveling and volunteering there ourselves.  Our goal is to help facilitate a memorable volunteer travel experience for our volunteers.  We are not travel agents or missionaries.  We simply believe that volunteering abroad is one of the most transformative experiences that a person can have.

Why wouldn’t you want to do some good while seeing the world?

Orphanage and School in Ghana

Work alongside local villagers to care for, teach, and build relationships with volunteer staff and children at a Ghanaian orphanage and school located in a village just 90 minutes from the capital of Accra.

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Hut building in Zambia

This project focuses on the construction and building of safe, durable huts for the residents of Mwandi. Volunteers are also able to visit and help out at the village school and hospital.

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How is Unearth the World (UTW) different than other companies?

Complete Experience

We believe that, while the project you engage in might be short-term, the impact, results, and influence of your time spent abroad should be lasting.  We also believe that it is frustrating and counterproductive to engage in volunteer travel without accurate expectations and deep knowledge of the project and culture. So, we support our volunteers from the beginning of their volunteer travel experience until well after they have returned.  You can expect robust training, clear communication, and re-entry support.

Financial Transparency

We believe that everyone should be able to afford to have a volunteer travel experience and know where your money is going. UTW prides ourselves on maintaining reasonable costs that are completely transparent.  There is nothing worse than investing time and money into something and not understanding where it is going. We think it is important to understand both the impact and the destination of your financial contributions.

Social Responsibility

We are a social venture committed to making positive change.  We only partner with community driven, sustainable volunteer projects. We collaborate with international non-profits that address real social issues and can benefit from short-term volunteers.

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